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“God is in the details.” – Mies van der Rohe

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With a young and dynamic team, Gibson Studio was created with the aim of awakening, renewing and changing needs. Our clients symbolize the pillar of our creativity and imagination. Since we started, we have made our clients` wishes a priority, as it is their dreams and requests that determine the character of each project. Working attentively and passionately we make dreams come true! In every single project we see a chance of immersing in it, having the need of opening our minds to new connections, as in constant movement we generate ideas.

At Gibson, we provide architectural services customized to your individual projects, always going the extra mile on architecture and design for our clients. We are aware of the workload that a new project might be for clients. This is why we value transparency and structure at work and with a strict project plan and coordination, we put our clients` minds at ease, so you can lean back and leave it in our hands.

With every new client appears a new challenge, and also a new opportunity to create something extraordinary and unique within an effective design, but also something practical and smart. Whether it’s a striking new-build home, the search for an exquisite masterpiece, an outstanding restored and historical property, a luxury hotel or a hospitality suite at a sporting venue, a project’s natural starting point is always the client, ensuring a seamless client experience all the time.

“great things are not done by impulse, but a series of small things brought together” – Vincent van Gogh

The success of our company does not only lie in our products, but also and more importantly in our team and the service we provide. Our highest aspiration is a happy and satisfied customer, and as each client is unique, each service we provide is tailored and personalized. To make your new project look even more realistic for you, we work with the most modern technologies, 3D presentations, the newest products and skills, adapted to your taste, style and schedules.

The Gibson team creates functional and harmonious environments, every detail is carefully considered and every choice is made down to the smallest detail to meet the needs and sublime expectations of each client.

“many can set up a house, but only a few understand the art of creating a home”

“the details are not the details. They make the design” -Charles Eames

Our designs are entirely tailored according to the client’s wishes in any desired shape, size and always in a sublime quality, meaning a premium construction with a unique architecture and a finest concept of interior design and lifestyle.

We value the promotion of sustainable lifestyles, the use of organic, eco-friendly products made to order with an ethical concern. Wo do so because we want to celebrate and honor craftsmanship and every single person who creates soulful designs.

A tribute to all makers for their wisdom, storytelling and for making history with beautiful creations through ancient techniques and raw materials.

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Turnkey Services

The development and implementation of turnkey plans are executed exactly in line and budget with your individual requirements at sublime quality. The optimization of interfaces is ensured in the process, succeeding right from the start.

we provide

complete turnkey solution

Out of question: new construction projects can be inherently complicated because of all the different aspects they involve. Whether trying to get a design for a planned building and its interior, followed by hiring a contractor or all the other associated tasks, all of them can be a headache.

The turnkey model is designed to put all the necessary components in the hands of experienced professionals who know how to deal with all the required items. This avoids mishaps in which a project might come to a standstill.

Tell us what you want

and lean back and relax

Gibson Group specializes in turnkey solutions for any type of project, no matter how challenging. We have the staff and resources to support you from start to finish, while delivering on time and on budget.

  • Project management of engineering companies and construction companies
  • Architecture and interior design
  • Functional and static design of civil works
  • Formwork and reinforcement drawings
  • Preparation of tender documents and evaluation of bids
  • Quantity survey for invoicing purposes
  • Supervision of construction on site
  • Design studies for economical solutions and feasibility studies
  • Specification of construction methods
  • Basic and detail design for construction work
  • Sourcing of construction contractors


Located in the heart of the Golden Triangle and with a showroom of around 1500 m2, making it the largest sublime furniture store not only in the Algarve, but also in Portugal.

Our highly experienced team of professionals manage the entire spectrum of our clientele’s experience, from an individual product selection to the final delivery and installation. At Gibson, we are proud to be recognized in our industry, being a reliable and a trusted design resource, offering unparalleled customer service.

Gibson carefully represents curated designs from an impressive roster of reputable manufacturers and local craftsmanship.

At Gibson, you will find a wide range of sublime furniture, from top brands in design across the world, such as Baxter, USM, Giorgetti, Molteni, Cor, De Sede, Visionnaire, Trussardi, IPE Cavalli, Fendi, Aston Martin, Porada, among others. Complete your project with fabrics from top designers such as Ralph Lauren, Nina Campbell, Designers Guild, Sahco Hesslein, Casamance, and more.

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We build and activate brands through cultural insight, strategic vision, and the power of emotion across every element of its expression.


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