Our purpose is
to guarantee
a tailored service.

The secret?
and individuality.

Our goal is to offer a complete service around real estate. It starts with the sale, usually the beginning of everything, followed by a construction or renovation, an inspired and constantly updated decoration and finally the management of the property.

We are delighted to provide two full-time architects to meet the wishes and desires of our clients. Furthermore, a dedicated team with the knowledge to manage the entire sale will also look after the property management.


“many can set up a house, but only a few understand the art of creating a home”

To help you fully realize your unique aesthetic and functional needs in your space, we offer a comprehensive architectural service tailored to your requirements and design preferences.

Know us better

Gibson was founded over 25 years ago and has established itself as a company that turns your dreams into reality. Our aim is it to plan each project properly, incorporating the best solutions, quality materials, sustainability and the best aesthetic balance to make it an excellent long-term investment for our client’s future. Known for its adherence to deadlines, we will support you from the beginning of a project to the end of its conception, with a consolidated, specialized and demanding team ready to advise and meet your needs. We are passionate about the best designs and everything that encompasses the process. We work with the highest quality and most elegant brands on the market, ready to bring perfection to your home, office or garden.

We pay attention to focal points such as deadlines, a big problem in the Algarve, the interpretation of time and meeting deadlines. Besides, we do not seek the practice of mass processing.

We believe that a sales process is one of the most individual and personal things. What is good for one may not serve another at all. That is why we work with all the necessary tools to find the right product and exclude the “Wild West” method.

We believe that an “All-IN-ONE” company is the best value for any individual who needs support throughout every phase that concerns real estate, construction and furniture.

Meet our family

Our multi-faceted team of more than 40 talented individuals, offers a range of unique, specialist skills in architecture, real state, construction and interior design, resulting in an outstanding portfolio.

Additional creative support is provided by our in/house 3D visualisation and logistics teams, ensuring a seamless client experience every time.

We have a can-do attitude backed up by more than 25 years experience delivering our services on time and on budget.

Leave important decisions in truthful hands, with our professional acknowledge you are in best hands.

Erich Gibson | Gibson Group

Erich Gibson /
CEO & Founder

Behind each face stands a team in the fields of construction, renovation, interior design, arquitecture, real estate, maintenance & others.

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